Arrest Made in Myrtle Beach Sword vs. Butcher Knife Attack

A woman is learning the hard way that no good comes from holding butcher knife while you fight over a man. It’s a lesson that came shortly after the woman forced herself into another woman’s Burcale Road home where she found herself facing someone who wasn’t afraid of her.


The Myrtle Beach woman who broke into the home on March 30, has been charged with attempted murder and burglary. Court documents show that another woman has been charged with accessory charges for the same ill-conceived episode.

It took the police a few days, but they were eventually able to locate the suspect, Laqueta Enaj Harrell, where she’d holed up in a U.S. 501 hotel.

After being indicted, Harrel was released on a $15,000  bail. Her conspirator, Hakina Tinakwa Alston remains in jail until she can find someone who will pay her $10,000 bond.

According the woman who lives in the house, Harrell came to the door which the victim tried to close on the Harrell. The victim than stated that Harrell kicked the door open and came at her with butcher knife.

In order to protect herself, the woman grabbed the nearest weapon, a sword, and used it against Harrell, driving her from the apartment.

According to police reports, Hakina Tinakwa Alston drove Harrell to the victim’s home and that she knew exactly what Harrell intended to do once they arrived on the scene.

Although the victim was able to drive Harrell from her home, it wasn’t before Harrell managed to stab her. She was transported to the hospital where she’s recovering from the injuries which included a punctured lung.

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