Avoid Being Run Over Twice…Hit Back With A Truck Accident Lawyer

Tractor trailers are vital part of international commerce. Massive amounts of goods are transported all over the world using these massive trucks. Fully loaded, some of these trucks can weigh as much as eighty-thousand pounds, or more. Removing these product Carriers from the commerce exchange would completely shut down life, as we know it. The individuals that operate these massive machines are more important than the machines themselves, until we have the technology of self-driving automobiles.


Despite how important these men and women are to society, there is no excuse for bad behavior on their part. Commanding these big rigs, means commanding a killing machine, especially when they are used carelessly. There is an area of personal injury law that is dedicated exclusively to defending individuals that are injured in accidents involving large trucks, but a competent truck accident lawyer will hold these reckless drivers responsible.

Thousands of people are killed every year in accidents involving these enormous transport vehicles. Just today, an eighteen-wheeler slammed into a coffee shop in Yardley Borough, Pennsylvania. At approximately 9:30 AM, a tractor-trailer crashed into a Starbucks as the driver was attempting to make a right turn. The local police cited a fifty-nine year old truck driver from Baltimore for operating his motor vehicle carelessly, as well as driving on a pedestrian sidewalk.

qqwrf-truck-accident-lawyerThis collision forced the closure of this Starbucks location due to structural damage. Yardley Borough Police Chief Joseph Kelly told a local reporters, “It appears from the scuff marks that the rear tires of the truck went up onto the sidewalk and the rear side of the trailer struck the overhang of the building.” Speaking of the reopening of this Starbucks Chief Kelly said, “There will be a final authorization when they can reopen the building. If things go well they are expected to reopen this afternoon when the temporary repairs are done.”

Additionally, Chief Kelly reported that the driver received a command from his GPS unit to turn right. Unfamiliar with the area, the driver turned right and this what he attributes to the reason for this accident. Chief Kelly went on to say in response to this, “The take away from this is that GPS is a way to direct you, it’s not the end all be all. Driver behavior still has to be governed by road signs.”

Fortunately, in this case nobody was injured. However, this case reveals just how fast injury can occur due to the negligence of a driver that is willfully ignorant of their surroundings. Even in the world of GPS dependency, using a device to excuse from an accident is unacceptable. Choosing an experienced truck accident John Bales Attorneys is important, should you find yourself injured by an incompetent truck driver using the navigation system as the excuse.

Remember that the owners of these logistics companies have ‘deep pockets’ and typically employ good attorneys. This is why is vital that you do extensive research on any defense team you are considering. It is wise to use a local truck accident lawyer that has a proven track record of fighting for the client against big money insurance companies and special interests. We suggest a John Bales lawyers team.

Avoid being run over twice by the big trucks.


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