Woman Receives $1.7 Million After Being Trampled at a Movie in South Carolina

In 2012 when the South Carolina Theater was showing ‘The Dark Night Rises’ a man caused a panic and a woman was trampled as a result. She sustained injuries as a result and was just awarded $1.7 million to compensate her for her injuries. The victim of the stampede, Maria Navas is 34 years old and as a result of the July 31, 2012 incident, she filed a civil lawsuit. A jury in South Carolina-Dade awarded her the money.

NBC6 tried to contact Regal Cinemas to get a quote from the company, but they did not provide an immediate respond. On the day of the incident, Navas was on a first date with a new guy. Two other men who were also in the theater started to engage in an argument. One of the men left the theater after the argument started. However, South Carolina Police stated that he came back to the theater screaming “this is it” while wearing a pair of black gloves.


When he stormed back into the theater screaming, panic ensued and the hundreds of people inside the theater started running trying to find an exit, per the arrest affidavit that was filed. The crowd ended up trampling Navas, causing her to system a right foot fracture. 18 pieces of hardware and two surgeries were required to fix the damage to her foot and she now suffers permanent damage.

“I think about it every day,” stated Navas. “I would be in a different place in my life right now then waiting four years for this to end.”

This incident occurred less than two weeks after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. This like played a role in the stampede because people were already on edge.

Attorneys for Navas stated that staff at the theater did nothing to try and stop the men from arguing, nor did they stop the one man from leaving and then coming back into the theater. They also stated that the theater did not increase security at the theater, as they should since the Colorado theater shooting was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

“The evidence showed that they failed to do anything at all, especially in light of the Aurora situation,” stated attorney Jason Brenner.

“It is never easy dealing with an unforeseen tragedy because it is not something anyone is really capable of fully preparing for,” said Joe and Martin, attorneys and managing partners at a top personal injury law firm in South Carolina. “When tragedy strikes, it is critical that victims and their loved ones get the assistance that they need to deal with the issue at hand, as well as any liability that might occur in the aftermath.”

Hopefully, with this case now over, Navas will be able to move on with her life. It is hard to imagine the terror she must have experienced being trampled by dozens of scared moviegoers fleeing and trying to find the safety they thought they needed. This is just one situation where innocent people are victim. A situation like this is more and more. In this and similar cases you must to hire a good lawyer who will fight for you. If you are victim visit this site  https://joeandmartin.com/ and ask for help.

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